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heard about. >> exactly. >> thank you. we're learning new details tonight about the fairfield man arrested for the murder of a 13- year-old girl. 32-year-old anthony lamar jones was taken into custody this morning. he is accused of killing genelle conway allen and dumping her naked body in a fairfield park. we have team coverage tonight. joe vazquez is at allan witt park where a vigil is about to start but we begin with da lin outside the suspect's home. da. >> reporter: fbi agents and police officers spent about 10 hours today searching and collecting evidence from his house which is directly behind me. a gray house. they cleared the scene about 40 minutes ago. anthony lamar jones lives here with his wife and teenaged son. fairfield police shut down
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clipper lane so fbi agents could search for evidence in anthony lamar jones' house. they wouldn't tell us what they were looking for inside. but outside fbi agents interviewed neighbors like manuel garcia to find out what they know about the man suspected of killing 13-year- old genelle conway allen. >> strange and quiet. he didn't say much. >> reporter: that's how neighbors describe him, quiet. jones and his family moved in about a year and a half ago. neighbors tell me his wife works but he appears to be unemployed. >> never seen him working, never really seen him like have a job or anything. >> reporter: the arrest shook this fairfield neighborhood. >> super creepy, man. i have my little girl here so, oh, it's creepy but i'm glad they caught the guy. >> sick, really shocking. just seeing the commotion and everything is a lot. >> reporter: fairfield police arrested him around 7 a.m. in the 1100 block of east tabor avenue near where police surveillance camera took the last known photo of genelle last thursday. someone found her nude body in a park the next morning.
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>> jones was identified early on as a suspect in this case. since that time he has been under 24-hour surveillance. therefore, there was no danger to the public. >> reporter: fairfield police wouldn't give a motive and whether jones knew the victim. police say jones acted alone in this killing. solano county prosecutors say they will go after the suspect with everything they have. >> the murder of a 13-year-old girl assaults the very core of who we are and what we stand for as a community. >> reporter: prosecutors say jones will appear in court next wednesday. now, the victim's foster mother says that she is overwhelmed with emotion and is very happy that they have someone in custody in this case. >> thank you, da. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez is at the park where genelle's body was found. joe. >> reporter: yes. there are a lot of people a big crowd gathering they are expecting a lot more, too. let me show you, this is the
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candle they are handing out. they are expecting -- they are telling us hundreds of people at this vigil. behind me already, people have gathered. this was a huge kick in the gut for the community a lot of love for 13-year-old genelle conway. people can't believe it happened. there are clergy here, family members and in fact we want to speak to one of the family rita rose who came from yreka to be here. what's going through your mind as we have learned there is an arrest and we see the community gathering? >> first shock that this happened to her and we appreciate everybody showing up. the rest is great. we want justice for genelle and if -- i'm just in shock. the whole thing. but it's great to see the turnout . everybody here for genelle. >> reporter: thank you very much. i know it was a five-hour drive
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for you guys. we are expecting perhaps to see genelle's natural mother here and we were told by a pastor just now that in fact the foster family will be arriving. they don't want questions from the media. we are going to honor the distance that they will provide when they get here. so let me tell you, the crowd is getting larger as we speak. we'll bring you more from the scene as the news continues. back to you in san francisco. >> thank you, joe. developing news. a massive manhunt for an ex-cop accused of killing three people including a police officer is now in its second day. there is still no sign of christopher dorner who says in a manifesto he is waging war against the los angeles police department. cbs reporter on the door-to- door search in big bear lake. >> reporter: the possibility exists that he is here somewhere in the forest and so we're going to keep looking. it's day 2 of the manhunt in bear mountain resort. >> i'm not aware of any
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survivalist training. but i'm sure that is something that the investigators are looking at. >> our folks just have different clothes and boots on but we are going to continue regardless of the weather. >> reporter: highly trained teams from san bernardino county fire and sheriff's departments are armed with sophisticated tools trekking through the cold snowstorm searching for any sign of christopher dorner. >> we have put our s.w.a.t. guys in a snowcat as well as our armored personnel carriers. we have put chains on. we are up on the mountain on those mountain roads with those pieces of equipment. >> reporter: they continue to focus an an eight-square-mile area mountainous rugged terrain where dorner's torched pickup truck was found. >> the danger is that the fact that he could be out there and they have to be constantly aware and officers' safety is their priority. they have to move slowly and use the training and tactics that they have been using. these are well trained people that are out here.
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>> there's about 200 empty cabins that we are going to check one by one. >> reporter: authorities admit today's snowy conditions pose danger and challenges. for now, no aerial searches. >> certainly it would be a little slower to get to each individual area on foot because of the weather. we could see tracks in this kind of condition, snow is great for tracking folks as well as looking at each individual cabin to see if there's any signs of forced entry. >> reporter: sources tell us dorner had survivalist training in alaska. authorities out here would not confirm that information. search teams will end their work here at nightfall and continue throughout the weekend. the mission is to find any clue. in the meantime we're told there will be stepped up patrols out here and authorities say they are looking at every tip, every lead and following up on every alleged sighting but nothing has turned out. i'm suraya fadel in big bear, kpix 5. tens of millions of people are in the path of the blizzard slamming the northeast. from pennsylvania to maine, the
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snow is piling up. roads and mass transit systems are also shutting down. and more than 3500 flights have been canceled. dozens of those flights were to and from the bay area airports. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is at sfo with the impact there. roberta. >> reporter: we are here with mobile weather at sfo where currently it is 51 degrees here and there's a bit of a bite in the air due to an increasing wind but that's nothing compared to what's going on on the eastern seaboard right now. earlier today over 60 flights were canceled at sfo due to the weather. meanwhile, as you can imagine, passengers were upset to learn once they arrived here that their flights were canceled. united airlines did something special and created this entire area just for the rebooking of these passengers. the flights are not only just canceled nationally, but internationally. and in fact, here's what one passenger flying from hawaii to
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finland had to say. >> i feel that like i should go back to hawaii because we came from hawaii yesterday so why didn't they call us there and say we didn't have to come back? >> i talked to the spokesman for sfo and asked him when flights would be heading back to philadelphia, newscast, laguardia and jfk, newark, as well as boston? he said that will be a decision by each airline but for the most part these passengers with canceled flights today won't leaving the san francisco bay area until tomorrow night or sunday. i asked them to compare this storm with hurricane sandy. he said no comparison. hurricane sandy left a larger footprint meaning it covered a much grander territory on the northeast coast and all the way into miami. so that's the latest from sfo. reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. thank you.
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chief meteorologist paul deanno will have more on the path of this storm coming up. checking bay area headlines, late this afternoon, two men were rescued from an overturned sailboat near sfo. emergency crews found the two clinging to the underside of that 19-foot boat there. they were headed to oakland apparently when they got into some trouble. the boat was towed back to shore and the men weren't hurt. alcohol may have been a factor in deadly fall from a high-rise condo in san jose. the 24-year-old woman fell from the 11th floor of a building on west saint james street early this morning. witnesses told police the woman may have been intoxicated. her name hasn't been released. a thief who stole phones from a t-mobile store in concord kind of did it the hard way. he crashed his stolen truck into the store's front window about 6 a.m. this morning. the robber grabbed phones and ran off leaving the truck behind and police are still looking for him. caught on camera. a hidden camera breaking into a home. how a bay area family knew they
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would be targeted by this burglar. >> if you don't have an id you can still slide. >> we go undercover and find a surprising way to get through airport security without a government identification. >> did you enjoy the rainfall? we had a little last night and a little this morning. but it is now gone. clear skies over the bay bridge looking from our rooftop. find out if there's any rainfall in the extended forecast coming up. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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and kpix-5 reporter juliette goodrich tells us: the tape may end up s over the neighbo new at 6:00 a fed-up homeowner uses a hidden camera to fight back against a brazen burglar. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich says the tape may end up solving crimes all over the neighborhood. >> reporter: absolutely. liz, neighbors found this flyer under their doormats this week. it's from an anonymous neighbor
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who had been burglarized four times. he also took home surveillance video catching the burglar in the act. >> one big thing that i spotted is his adidas. >> reporter: it's not often carla ahern gets a burglar alert flyer like this. in fact, it's a first. >> on three occasions it happened at night while we were home asleep. >> reporter: the anonymous neighbor alerted fellow neighbors and sent home surveillance video to the police and to the danville patch news site for residents to see. watch as the burglar enters the home in broad daylight. apparently he had a house key stolen from a previous break- in. he checks the peep hole several times. >> this is the kick their scared me. he also took our son's piggy bank and electronics. i'm assuming the piggy bank was in the child's room and that just is very, very freaky that he's going into rooms. >> reporter: at one point, the burglar took off his shoes.
6:14 pm
before leaving the home, he put his shoes back on and leaves with what looks like a money jar or piggy bank. police say a suspect was arrested but won't release his name. the surveillance video a key piece of evidence. did this lead you to the suspect through the video? >> it helped us but we also have a good knowledge of who lives where and our detectives are very skilled at taking a look at surveillance video and lining it up with people they are already encountered. >> reporter: and to the anonymous neighbor who helped track down a thief, carla says thank you. >> don't think this stuff happens but just keeps you on alert and reminds you to lock doors and windows. >> reporter: this flyer was circulated all over the neighborhood and while the suspect has been arrested, what this does -- what this did was get neighbors to talk to one another and talk about what happened and many of them liz are recalling some incidents they had over the holidays some break-ins and now they are making the connection. >> wow. wow. so this could be connected to
6:15 pm
the previous break-ins because this was the only home that was targeted that many times it sounds like, right? >> absolutely. they are talking to other neighbors too that had similar break-ins. they will see if there's a connection. >> thank you, juliette goodrich. the tsa spends billions on airport security. but we discovered there's a surprising way to get through bay area checkpoints. you just need a costco card. we went undercover for an investigation you will only see on kpix 5. >> reporter: whether you travel for business or pleasure, getting on an airplane can be a hassle navigating security. even grandmothers and children don't get a pass. >> i'm about as vanilla as can be. >> reporter: giants pitcher sergio romo had a run-in with security in las vegas after failing to show proper identification according to the tsa. and while most of us travel with a passport or driver's license, it turns out you don't
6:16 pm
need either. if you don't have an id you can still slide. we went undercover to each of the bay area's major airports. >> i don't have my driver's license. >> reporter: at sfo, our producer got through with a student id and a couple of personal credit cards. tsa agents said they would accept a costco card. at the oakland airport security there asked for a costco card too. >> costco card. >> reporter: in san jose our producer skated through with a student id. >> it's about validating who you are. so if it's a library card or a costco card or if it's a school i.d. card, they are not all government identification but at least it's printed with your name on it that we can say yes this is who that person is. then there is an additional screening process at the security checkpoint. >> reporter: that was the case only when our producer showed up with no wallet or documentation at all. tsa simply took our producer aside and asked a series of secondary questions. >> do you live here in oakland? ro. but in less than 20 minutes our producer was cleared to go
6:17 pm
and got into the terminal. at all three airports, our producer got by with minimal nongovernment identification and not subject to secondary checks. federal law doesn't require it. the tsa's website said not having an id does not necessarily mean that a passenger won't be allowed to fly. a security problem says an aviation security expert. >> every time you introduce a vulnerability, our adversary is going to take advantage of that. >> reporter: he adds, don't expect to see a change in that requirement anytime soon. >> it is very difficult in this democracy to get some things done absent a disaster and that's sad. >> the tsa says the physical check points are the last but not necessarily the most important safety measure. other security steps taken before check-in are more critical. speaking of airports, massive delays here in san francisco for folks trying to head back east and, of course, all the airports back east.
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>> so many nonstop flights from here to the east coast, those flights are just stopped right now. there's a big storm going on. snowfall coming down at a rate of 4.5" per hour. that is extremely heavy snow. right through the heart of long island where you see that dark blue and band stretches over hartford all the way back to boston and on the cape. east of boston we are looking at winds tonight 70 to 75 miles per hour. big-time problems there for us, truckload full of nothing for us. high-def doppler radar shows showers out of here for hours. we'll stay dry for a while. i'll show you how long coming up in a second. beautiful night outside. it will be chilly. these were today's highs. 52 for san jose. san francisco 52. napa 58. mid-50s force redwood city, kentfield and concord. cool skies, clearing off rapidly many of you in the 30s
6:19 pm
before midnight. low pressure shifted south. some got half inch of rain but widespread between a tenth and quarter inch which is not enough to break the deficit but it helps. now it's out of here. high pressure off to our west is going to stay there. it will be close enough to keep us sunny and dry and since it's off to the west we are getting a northerly flow which will keep us around normal temperature-wise for the next several days. and with high pressure not going anywhere for the next week, we're looking at 10 hours of sunshine all the way through valentine's day. it's all about the sunshine. clear skies at night means 30s away from the water down near freezing inland. and tomorrow will be the chilliest day of the next several. it will be pretty chilly mid- 50s that's it. fremont 56, vallejo 57, oakland you will hit the upper 50s. 59 degrees for a high. your extended forecast is sunshine across the board every day. full sunshine all the way through next friday.
6:20 pm
milder next week too. we're looking at mid-60s wednesday, thursday and friday. this is extraordinary. in the heart of our rainy season to not even be talking about a cloud let alone rainfall. >> not a puff of a cloud. >> not even. no clouds. nothing. >> couldn't even come up with a joke. >> enjoy the sunshine. >> thank you. he made a statement without saying a word at the world series parade. tonight we'll know the real story behind sergio romo's t- shirt. >> the countdown to the opening of the new bay bridge span is on. kpix 5 is proud to be the official television station for the opening ceremonies in september. and we will be keeping you posted on plans for that big day.
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geico, see how much you could save. company doesn't know why it happened. it w they know what caused the blackout during the super bowl. but the power company doesn't know why it happened. it was an electrical relay that failed. the outage brought the game to a halt for a half hour in the
6:23 pm
second half. new orleans electric company says demand for power exceeded a trip setting in the relay. in essence, blowing the circuit breaker. the maker of the device says the problem was not with the equipment but with how it was used. giants fans were all over san francisco today. fanfest is tomorrow at at&t park. today manager bruce bochy and some of the players were at the ballpark getting ready for the big event and sergio romo took the opportunity to explain his "i only look illegal" t-shirt that he wore during a world series parade. >> the shirt wasn't really to try to stir any kind of ruckus or anything. it was more or less to show the latin community especially those in arizona that the same things happen to me no matter who i have or what i have accomplished in life. i get the same profile every now and then. >> also in san francisco, today the giants took part in another clean sweep to celebrate their world series victory. they partnered with mayor lee
6:24 pm
to announce a new anti-litter campaign. coming up in the next half hour a breakthrough in the case of a slain suisun city teenager. >> the murder of a 13-year-old girl assaults the very core of who we are and what we stand for as the community. >> what we have learned about the suspect under arrest and how a community is remembering that victim right now. >> it could be a blizzard for the history books. the nation's northeast. how the snowstorm could cause a flood of problems for communities pounded by superstorm sandy. >> he stole a police van still in handcuffs, how a bay area suspect's run from the law ended with a rude awakening.
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save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. now at 6:30: a community is coming together to remember a 13- the murder of a 13-year-old girl assaults the very core of who we are and what we stand for as a community. >> now at 6:30, a community is coming together to remember a 13-year-old girl found murdered in a fairfield park. a vigil for her on the same day police make an arrest. 32-year-old anthony lamar jones was arrested early this morning on suspicion of killing genelle conway allen. and right now dozens of people are attending a vigil for
6:28 pm
genelle at the park where her body was found. kpix 5 reporter da lin has more now on the arrest of the murder suspect. da. >> reporter: someone found her body at the park a week ago. family and friends are gathering at the candlelight vigil to remember the 13-year- old. that park is about 3 miles away from the suspect's house which is right behind me here. fbi agents spent 10 hours collecting evidence. they left around 5:to this evening. now, anthony lamar jones neighbors say he lived here with his wife -- lived here with his wife and teenaged son. fairfield police shut down clipper lane so fbi agents could search for evidence in anthony lamar jones' house. they wouldn't tell us what they were looking for inside. but outside fbi agents interviewed neighbors like manuel garcia to find out what they know about the man suspected of killing 13-year- old genelle conway allen.
6:29 pm
>> strange and quiet. he didn't say much. >> reporter: that's how neighbors describe him, quiet. jones and his family moved in about a year and a half ago. neighbors tell me his wife works but he appears to be unemployed. >> never seen him working, never really seen him like have a job or anything. >> reporter: the arrest shook this fairfield neighborhood. >> it's sick, really shocking. it's just seeing the commotion and everything is a lot. >> super creepy, man. i have my little girl here so, oh, it's creepy but i'm glad they caught the guy. >> six, shocking. >> reporter: fairfield police arrested him around 7 a.m. in the 1100 block of east tabor avenue near where police surveillance camera took the last known photo of genelle last thursday. someone found her nude body in a park the next morning. >> jones was identified early on as a suspect in this case. since that time he has been under 24-hour surveillance. therefore, there was no danger to the public. >> reporter: fairfield police wouldn't give a motive and
6:30 pm
whether jones knew the victim. police say jones acted alone in this killing. solano county prosecutors say they will go after the suspect with everything they have. >> the murder of a 13-year-old girl assaults the very core of who we are and what we stand for as a community. >> reporter: prosecutors say jones will appear in court next wednesday. by the way, about 500 people are takenning that candlelight vigil at the park where the -- attending that candlelight vigil at the park where the body was found. joe vazquez will have more on that story tonight at 11:00. liz, back to you. >> you know, da, the police said jones was a suspect early on in this case. any idea of why he was a suspect so early on? any clues they could give you? >> no. investigators are not saying much about this case. in fact, we have a lot of questions, you know, how do -- how does the suspect -- was he a friend or did he know the
6:31 pm
victim? so there's still a lot of questions we have. they say, though, be patient and more information will be released later on. >> da lin, thank you. tens of millions of people are being urged to stay inside as a potentially historic storm slams the northeast. blizzard warnings are in effect from maine to manhattan. that's where we find cbs reporter randall pinkston tonight. randall. >> reporter: allen, when governor andrew cuomo declared a state of emergency earlier today, he said that it would not be as bad as hurricane sandy. but this coming blizzard will be a serious severe storm. wet snow and sleet are creating a midday mess in manhattan as a big apple waits for what could be a foot of snow or more. >> most of our area now has made that transition or is in the process of making the transition to snow. >> reporter: new york city plows and salt trucks are armed and ready to clear the city's
6:32 pm
almost 6,000 miles of roads. the storm will also bring higher tides. >> many of the same communities that were inundated by hurricane sandy's tidal surge just about 100 days ago are likely to see some moderate coastal flooding this evening. >> reporter: many new yorkers are trying to leave work early hoping to get home before the blizzard arrives and then there are the tourists, stuck in the storm, looking for a good time. doug watkins and his wife flew in from charlotte, north carolina canceled flights keeping some family members from joining them. but they have plans. >> we have tickets for a show tonight. so we're hoping he would can make it over there and back and maybe walking through snow. >> reporter: you think the show is going to go on? >> hopeful. haven't heard otherwise. >> reporter: jeff and tracie young are here from connecticut, expected to get more snow. >> we are down here for a show and we had nonrefundable tickets and so -- >> reporter: you're the second person i have met who said they are here for a show.
6:33 pm
there's supposed to be a blizzard. is the showing going on? >> the show always going on, right? >> reporter: even if the theaters close, the blizzard and the city should put on quite a show of their own. so while we're not expecting the blizzard to be as bad as it is here in manhattan, sections of the bronx and brooklyn, the blizzard is still very much on the way for parts of the city and especially long island. a really rough night ahead for millions in this area. reporting live in new york, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> thank you. a handcuffed prisoner who managed to escape police has been re-arrested. sanchez was first arrested wednesday on outstanding warrants. officers used two sets of han cuffs because he is a large man. he managed to step over those handcuffs so they were in front of him and then stole the police van. police say he was still wearing both sets of handcuffs when he was found sleeping in a stolen
6:34 pm
truck last night. >> it's an accepted law enforcement practice the daisy chain handcuffs behind larger suspects in order to help them and in this case it came back to bite us. >> sanchez was arrested on four counts of car theft, burglary, possession of narcotics, stolen property and two probation violation warrants. sandra bullock said hope floats but at san jose mineta hope truly soars. how a high-tech giant could mark a turning point for this bay area airport. >> changes coming to some sofas in california. what will be different on the inside and the outside.
6:35 pm
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vessel that sank in the san francisco bay this morning. the boat had been anchored and abandoned at pier 70 for a while. at this the coast guard is looking for the owner of a vessel that a single in the san francisco bay -- sank in the san francisco bay this morning. it had been abandoned at pier 70 for a while. at this point it's not leaking oil or pollution into the bay but the coast guard says it's
6:37 pm
keeping an eye on it. the couch you're sitting on is likely filled with toxic chemicals. but today, california took a big step towards reducing the chemicals in new couches. as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, fire retardants in furniture could be on the way out. reporter: when it comes to choosing a couch for most it's the covering that counts. >> it's a leather --tan leather couch. >> soft, plush, about eight feet long. >> artificial suede so it's made out of little bottles, little plastic bottles. >> it's green and i like it. >> reporter: but starting next year some coverings could be off the market. what's inside the couch are likely be changing too. today california unveiled a proposed fire safety standard for couches and other foam filled furniture to stop the widespread use of toxic flame retardant chemicals in your couch that cause harm including to children.
6:38 pm
>> i am so delighted. so thrilled. >> reporter: environmental scientists arlene bloom said the change would mean there's no longer a need for furniture makers to use toxic flame retardants inside the furniture. >> 85% of our furniture already meets a smolder standard. >> reporter: under the in proposal couch fabric will be required to withstand a smolder test meaning it won't catch fire when in contact with a smoldering object like a cigarette, heater or extension cord. current standards require the foam inside the furniture withstand a 12 second exposure to a small open flame. that requires those chemical flame retardants something fire scientists say is counterintuitive because it's the fabric that catches first. >> tests method that's used is much more realistic on how things catch on fire. >> reporter: he says the new standard is much safer. and he is one of many that says it's long overdue. >> it's a win-win situation. >> reporter: now, the proposal goes through a six-week public comment period before a final standard is adopted. meanwhile, the chemical industry maintains these flame retardants are safe. if you have a consumer problem,
6:39 pm
call us at 1-888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, julie watts kpix 5. good friday evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno with your forecast that includes if you are a fan of sunshine a smile on your face and find out which day in my forecast will be closest to 70 degrees. coming up next. oh, i wish it was 70 degrees right now, paul, in monterey. i'm dennis o'donnell. we are two rounds in the book to the at&t pro-am. i bet you cannot guess who is leading this golf tournament. that's coming up.
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airport may soon be home base for google's fleet of private planes. as kpix 5 reporter len ramirez shows san jose mineta airport may soon be home base for google's fleet of private planes. as kpix 5 reporter len ramirez shows us, a new facility could bring in tens of millions of dollars to the airport. reporter: san jose mineta international is all about comings and goings.
6:43 pm
but when google flies in here with expanding fleet of private executive jets it will be one of the happiest landings of all. >> it just makes sense that google the high-tech leader here in both the south bay as well as the world really is choosing to make silicon valley's airport their home too. >> reporter: mineta san jose is announcing a major agreement with signature flight support google's main provider of aircraft to build and operate a new $82 million executive terminal on 29 acres of what used to be a long-term parking lot on the airport's west side. >> google proposes to bring their fleet here including large aircraft including 787s and 767s. >> why stop at google? why not apple, foxconn? >> reporter: airport officials say the new terminal will serve other corporate clients. >> international flights, you know, from here to anywhere and
6:44 pm
to san francisco how great is that? perfect. >> reporter: the airport's proximity to google's mountain view headquarters was one of the major selling points. for san jose, the deal means another $2.6 million in annual rent, nearly half a million dollars in annual jet fuel sales, up to $300,000 a year in taxes, and hundreds of construction jobs and 36 full- time jobs. the deal still needs to be approved by the san jose city council and they will say a proposal this spring but considering all the benefits to the airport at a time when it needs a boost, it's considered pretty much a done deal. len ramirez kpix 5. i don't know what you're expecting to see but cbs is asking stars not to show too much skin at the grammy awards this sunday. the network's dress code says private parts should be completely covered for the show. no see-through clothing. the memo comes nine years after
6:45 pm
janet jackson's, uhm, so-called wardrobe malfunction. the 55th grammy awards airs sunday here on kpix 5 starting at 8 p.m. coming up after "60 minutes." i'm curious if the storm is going to affect some of the stars coming here a lot of them based in new york. >> i think we'll probably get flights going by saturday night sunday morning. the good thing is when you have that much snow, snow is easier to get rid of than an ice storm. so i think we'll have problems today. tomorrow things probably better and something tells me the private jet for beyonce will likely be the first flight out of laguardia. here's a peek outside at what we have going on here, so much calmer. this picture brought to you by fastrak. traffic on the oakland side of the bay bridge. with the bay bridge in the background these are your current temperatures. we are chilly. did you see len ramirez? he had gloves on for good
6:46 pm
reason. san jose only 48 degrees right now. livermore 46. oakland 52. and concord at 50. san francisco 51. the radar is clear but we had showers earlier this morning. let's take you to new england because this big time storm the weather channel they are naming storms they are calling this nemo. but i don't see any fish. i just see people in a storm. we have a big-time storm with 50-mile-an-hour winds and three feet of snow toward boston. it's kind of miserable in the northeast. we had some much-needed snow closer to home. we'll take you to the sierra west of lake tahoe. we saw about 3 to 5" of fresh powder. now, the ski resorts have had a wonderful time making the artificial snow. but they are thrilled that they got up to almost a half foot of fresh powder in the sierra. our radar is clear. skies are clear. out of the first 39 days so far this year, it's amazing to
6:47 pm
think that in our rainy season, 36 of those 39 days had been partly or mostly sunny. the next 7 days will each be partly or mostly sunny. we have dennis o'donnell live at pebble beach for the big tournament this weekend. it's all about the sunshine and chilly on the peninsula mid- 50s. that's it for highs. but a lot of sunshine, beautiful february weather for the golfers who are in the area for the weekend. water vapor loop shows you that big counterclockwise swirl the upper level low pressure that gives you showers overnight last night and perhaps for the morning commute this morning. it's moving out and drier stable air is moving in. high pressure literally is higher pressure. it's sinking air. air needs to go up to make a cloud, further to make a rainfall. air going down opposite of that you get sunshine. this high is going to be with us for the next seven to 10 days shoving that storm track the lower pressure areas about 900 miles north. you get 10 hours of sunshine every day all the way until
6:48 pm
this time next week. so sunshine. we'll have it for a while. lows in the 30s away from the water because of the clear nights. 60s for much of next week. 59 tomorrow for oakland, san jose chilly 57. fremont 56. pleasant hill 58 by late afternoon tomorrow. saturday mill valley chilly sunny. novato tomorrow 57. your extended forecast is nothing but sunshine. every part of the bay area -- i know we have lots of microclimates and temperatures can change but we'll all enjoy the sunshine through next friday with highs in the mid- to upper 60s. some of you in the south bay may get close to 70 by next thursday and friday. speaking of the golf tournament, dennis is coming up next with sports.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
o'donnell.. new orleans one week, monterey the next. welcome back to monterey a little breeze in the air here on cannery row but i tell you what the rain came through this morning and made for ideal scoring positions in round 2 of the at&t pro-am and here is how it came down. softer course made it possible for the players to be aggressive with their shots. former 49er harris barton playing with bill murray makes the long putt which -- -- >> more aggressive with their
6:52 pm
shots. former 49er harris barton playing alongside bill murray makes the long putt which apparently did not sit well with murray. the 2011 pro-am champion launches his ball into the gallery. phil mickelson at 4-under on a roll has a short birdie on the first hole but misread the putt, bogeyed the two holes. hunter mahan with a share of the lead. his approach on 15 at monterey peninsula from behind the tree is money. he birdies the hole and finishes with a 69, just one back of the leaders. former cal golfer james hahn had a 62 in phoenix last week. and this was a 64 at monterey peninsula today but it's off the mark just barely he will take a 65. he is in good shape two back of the lead. ted potter, jr., was leading at 9 under on the final hole on
6:53 pm
monterey peninsula the long birdie putt would have pushed him to 10 under but he blasts past the hole and misses the comebacker and settled for bogey. potter is tied with reigning the champ brandt snedeker at 8 under. ucla alum john merrick is a shot back. james hahn isn't on the front page of the leaderboard but is in position for his first career win. >> it's a marathon out there. we are halfway done. we have, you know, two different golf courses that have to play tomorrow spy glass tomorrow which is the tougher of the three. so hopefully i can get a good round and compete on the weekend. >> coming up right after this newscast stay tuned for the par 5, i'll be joined by hooked on golf john to break it down. i can't believe we got done with the super bowl and the at&t here next week we'll be on to spring training. the giants report to scottsdale, arizona, a week from today. the first cactus league game
6:54 pm
just two weeks off. it's almost baseball season. crews are working to get at&t park ready for fanfest. a handful of players gathered to talk with the media and tim lincecum debuted his new look. he said he put on a little weight during the off season just not on the top of his head. >> just got tired of the long hair. just needed something different i guess. >> i didn't know that you wore glasses. >> uhm, more of a look, you know? >> it's more of a look. >> in other words, they are not -- >> no, not prescription. >> looks good on him and probably more comfortable. >> you look like a poet. >> a poet. >> i think you look like a poet. >> i feel like i could write a good poem or two. while jim harbaugh was playing golf at pebble beach yesterday his brother john taped a segment with dave letterman. who has it better? i take the golf. >> as you whack up thinking, oh, thank god i beat him or oh, i won but too bad --
6:55 pm
>> you know what you wake up thinking thank god i beat him. it would have been a long life. >> were you happy with the game? >> i liked the way it turned out. it started well. it finished well. there was that little thing in the middle that was a little distracting. >> i think we have some videotape. this is i believe you during the blackout. who are you talking to there? >> that's mike with the nfl. >> what is the issue? >> well, there was a concern about the restaurant after the game. new orleans got a lot of great restaurants, dave. >> i spoke with jim harbaugh here and the coach is admitting that while he is standing on the tee it's difficult not to think before the end of the super bowl game. but there is some very good news for jim harbaugh right now, guys. he is the leader of the pro-am. what an amazing story it would be after losing the super bowl to come out and finish strong and win the pro-am. wouldn't that be great?
6:56 pm
>> great. >> then he could scream, who's got it better. [ laughter ] >> "par 5" coming up next. >> thank you. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald people ask me about playing golf and golf course right by a hospital. [ laughter ] >> it would be pebble beach. >> no tournament in the world quite matches the pebble beach
6:59 pm
pro-am. >> trying to make the cut. don't under? i don't want to go home tomorrow. >> from the history of the crosby clambake to the shores of the famed 18th at pebble. >> number 4 and phil at his finest. >> and the unique personalities that only a select few can provide. >> one of these people is not in the active military. >> reporter: this is the at&t pebble beach pro-am right now on kpix 5. well, the weather gods have been kind. the contestants at the at&t somehow the rain has not made its way into competition through two rounds of the pebble beach pro-am. good evening, everybody. and welcome to the monterey cannery row in downtown monterey. dennis o'donnell alongside john an ben drove and we are at the at&t pro-am with two rounds in the book. you don't find a huge name atop the leaderboard afte

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